Themed Magic Shows for Preschools and Primary Schools 

Steve the magician from primary incursions
Hi I'm Steve Wickenton.
Melbourne based childrens' entertainer and magician.

All the shows you find here, have been created in consultation with teachers and staff from schools and preschools just like yours. I have drawn on a rich source of professional educators who uderderstand the learning process of children.

Magic and storytelling are  great for engaging young minds, building confidence, and boosting self-esteem. It encourages forward thinking and develops our understanding of the world around us.

Add this to a performance with valuable, realtaive and age appropriate content and you have an incursion perfect for Preschools and Primary Schools

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All my shows are fun and fully engaging for the children while supporting your staff and teachers by reinforcing the concepts and values from your curriculum.
Magic shows for preschools
Point 1

The kids love the fun and interaction.
Point 2

The educators enjoy being able to deliver quality shows with content.
Point 3

The parents are always happy to see and hear the results in their children.

Thanks Steve
The families and children all enjoyed it very much and some were still talking about the show on Monday. It was the best kids magic show I have seen in 36 years of Kindergarten teaching. Just the right mix of fun and amazement to keep us absorbed for the whole time.

Karen White 
Teacher Educator - Alexander Magit Preschool 


This wonderful magical performance entranced the children from the beginning.  Steve has a way of engaging the children for the whole performance and was continually amazing us all with his magic and illusion.  The children continued to play 'magic' for the rest of the day, which is a sign of a great experience. 
We can't wait to have Steve visit us again next year!
Michelle Myers
Educator, Upwey Preschool

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Thank you for the Little Mates Show, the children really enjoyed it and quite a number of parents have since passed on positive feedback based on what their children have shared with them, which is lovely.

Kareen Williams
Teacher Educator - The Basin Preschool

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